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About Mindset Coaching

“The Universe presents us with endless opportunities to synchronize our path with our truth.” Jeff Brown

Coaching is NOT therapy.  Therapists work with clients who need professional help to work towards healing, recovery, and issue resolution.  Coaches work with clients who want a detached partner to help them evolve and enhance their lives. Therapists are required to keep their personal feelings and thoughts removed.  Coaches use personal disclosers as a tool to help and challenge their clients.   Coaches help you create a manageable and attainable game plane for achieving your goals.  I am here  to cheer you on when you make progress, even tiny progress.  And I am here to encourage you when you steer off of the path or get stuck.  I am your accountability partner. I believe that you have all of the answers within you and it's my job to help you discover them through proven processes and asking you the right questions.    

About Jennifer

I am a certified Law of Attraction coach, following all of the standards and guidelines set by the International Coaching Federation.  My focus is in helping you love and accept yourself, healing past wounds, and discovering how to access and use your inner guidance to Imagine Your Best Life.

I am a mom of 2 mostly grown children and 3 very spoiled dogs.  I love learning and discovering new people, places, and things.  I feel that my purpose in this life is to help others grow and expand.  It lights me on fire!